How Being Part of FMM Benefits Your Company


Do you want to put on seminars in Phoenix or Dallas?

If you have held seminars there in the past, did you struggle to fill seats?

What was your ROI???

We understand the difficulties of putting on your own company seminars. Believe me.  We did them for years.  This is why FMM was created… to make having a successful seminar for your company easy.  Your company’s speaker is plugged into the FMM network and all the challenging components of putting on a local seminar are taken care of for you.

Allow me to tell you a little more about who FMM is and how we can help you… Functional Medicine Meeting (FMM) is a cooperative marketing group that provides continuing education events for practitioners.  Because of our background as sales representatives, our seminars and conferences are focused on making sure all sponsoring companies get as much exposure as possible.  FMM was founded over a decade ago with a proven track record of success.  As opposed to state and national medical organizations, our priority is you.  You are our “members.” It is important to note that we purposefully limit the number of sponsoring companies to about twelve or less.  This is to ensure there is a high doctor to company ratio.  For every event, there are numerous companies we turn away for the benefit of our current sponsors.

All that being said, our doctors are extremely loyal to FMM because we have a 10+ year history of providing world class speakers, cutting edge topics and doing all this for a very affordable price.  This is huge reason why FMM has been successful.

We do three events per year currently in Phoenix and Dallas (in previous years we also did these in Portland and Seattle). The last event of the year is usually mid-October in Phoenix and is a full weekend conference.  The attendance for the 2016 weekend conference was over 150. The one day events usually attract 70-90 practitioners.

Another integral part of FMM’s success is that all the companies are required to promote all events.  It is extremely helpful if each company has a rep on the ground in Phoenix and/or Dallas although this is not an absolute requirement.  We provide flyers for your reps to give to your customers. We also require that at least three email blasts are sent out by each company to their local area customers (practitioners only).  Google analytics must be provided for each email blast.  This ensures that everyone is pulling their own weight to promote all events.

Normally, after you have participated in a minimum of three events in a particular city you are able to request sponsorship of a speaker (pending FMM approval).  This is a huge benefit to you because now instead of doing your own seminar, you are able to plug your doctor into FMM where all FMM sponsoring companies and reps in the field will be promoting YOUR speaker.

The following is a list of just a few of our past speakers:  James Wilson, PhD, ND, DC;  Nigel Plummer, PhD;  Cheryl Burdette, ND;  Christopher Shade, PhD;  Michael Gerber, MD;  David Zava, PhD and many, many more.

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