Register today for the FMM Laboratory Mastery Series 2019!  This is a four-part intensive course that over the year will cover the most clinically applicable panels in the industry today.  You can attend each course individually, but we highly recommend you attend the entire four-part series. You will learn from leading experts in our field when to run specific panels on your patients, fully understand how to interpret the results and will be given targeted interventions/protocols to bring out of balance values back into balance.  When completed, you will be a true lab master!


The following are the dates for the 2019 series:

3/9/19 FMM Laboratory Mastery Series Part 1 – Tempe, AZ (3 General CME’s AND 3 Pharmacology CME’s APPROVED by the AzNMA)

5/11/19 FMM Laboratory Mastery Series Part 2 – Tempe, AZ (2 General CME’s AND 4 Pharmacology CME’s APPROVED by the AzNMA)

9/28-29/19 Laboratory Mastery Series Part 3 & Part 4 Tempe, AZ (10 Pharmacology CME’s APPROVED BY the AzNMA)

As always, if something comes up and you cannot attend, as long as you let us know over one week in advance we will give you a refund for what you were not able to attend.  So, you have nothing to lose.  REGISTER TODAY!

For full details regarding the fall conference, click on the link below.

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