Title: Advanced Biotech Interventions for Inflammatory Reactions in Neurological Conditions
Presenter: Dr. J. Brandon Brock
Total CE hours: 3 Pharmacology hours APPROVED!

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Presenter Bio:

Dr. Brandon Brock is a practitioner in Dallas Texas who holds a Doctorate in Family Nursing Practice from Duke University, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He has a Diplomate in Conventional Medicine, and Integrated Medicine as well. He holds Fellowship status in Childhood Disorders, Neurology, Electro-diagnostic Medicine, Neurochemistry and is a member of the International College of Chiropractors. Dr. Brock is also a Global Clinical Research Scholar from Harvard Medical School.

In Dallas Texas, he serves as chief clinician at Foundation Physicians Group. He enjoys teaching and providing educational support to facilitate learning for multiple groups and agencies. This includes topics that ranges from nutrition, and regenerative medicine to pharmacology and governmental policy.

Dr. Brock received the most outstanding functional neurology teacher of the year from the ACA council of Neurology four years straight and two times from IAFNR (International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation). He also received the humanitarian award from IAFNR. Dr. Brock and is also the honorable recipient of the prestigious Living Legacy Award from Samford Universities Ida Moffett School Nursing in 2015. He has also been the spotlight student at Duke University and is on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Mindd Foundation. His unique blend of clinical and teaching experience along with a background in medicine, chiropractic, neurology and nutrition has created a unique and integrated clinical background that has helped him treat difficult cases and offers comprehensive angles on education and clinical presentations. Dr. Brock is a founding partner and educator at BTB Health Systems and Functional Neurology Seminars.

Program Description:

Inflammation is one of the five leading physiological causes burdening the healthcare crisis led by its contribution to dozens of disease processes at a cost that is well over 243 billion dollars per year in treatment expenditure. The seminar will cover the topics of documentation, differential diagnosis of various inflammatory disorders, and how to evaluate each condition. The preparation of treatment plans that will augment function of multiple systems will be discussed. Integrating effective therapeutic modalities NSAIDS/MOA with realistic expectations and how to document treatment ethically and properly will be discussed. Learning how to set clinical goals, determine when to collaborate treatment with allopathic and nutritional therapies as well as ancillary care will be discussed. \Inflammatory physiology, laboratory analysis and treatment intervention will be detailed.

Program Goals / Objectives Relevance to the Medical Profession:

  1. To outline ethical and reliable testing and diagnostic criteria in inflammatory disease/MOA & NSAID’s.
    2. To outline documentation to support diagnostic studies, a diagnosis, differentials, appropriate clinical measures and to support the care offered.
    3. When to refer and when to treat: The ethics of treating patients with inflammatory disease.
    4. To determine a delivery and prognosis for care, end of life management for those afflicted. How to document ADL’s and rehabilitative needs to self-care and preservation.

Click here to be directed to Eventbrite to purchase your ticket for FMM AZ 2/17/2018.